The event staff can be contacted at the details below


Autocrat Lady Rhiannon Morgaine e.rhiannon.hood AT
Site Coordinator   Lady Mariss Ghijs   chulsing AT
Head Cook Maestra Gracia Esperanza de Sevilla  hutchings1111 AT
Merchant Co-Coordinators Lady Fjorleif in Rauda
Lady Anora in Rauda  
kaolin.fjorlief AT AT
Baronial Liasion Baroness Cellach M�r   Cellach.Mor AT
Performing Arts Coordinator   Lady Jeane Kilmeny  the.kilmeny AT
Dance Coordinators   Baron Steffan of Black Diamond and
Baroness Evelynne of Black Diamond 
baron AT
baroness AT
A&S Coordinator (Pre-Event)   Seigneur Etienne Le Mons d'Anjou  etienne.le.mons AT
A&S Coordinator (On Site)   Lady Vadoma  
Games Coordinator   Dame Hrothny Rognsvaldsdottir  online2much AT