As we are expecting visitors from across the Known World, the lady of the Manor has enticed Maestra Gracia Esperanza de Sevilla to provide the feas for the fortunate first 250 guests who pre-register.

Note: Feast gear is NOT needed, mugs only, please!!

Feast Menu

12th Night Feast Menu
Subject to change according to availability

1st Course
Bread and Butter
Lamb and Cheese Ravioli – rosemary cream sauce
Lamb meatballs with sumac sauce
Roasted Garlic Chickpeas
Table Fruits (grapes, cherries, et al as available)

2nd Course
Chicken Limonade – Lemon Ginger Sauce
Roasted Onions

3rd Course
Grilled Veal cutlets with fennel sauce
Spiced cabbage with apples
Saffron rice

4th Course
Smoked pork
Mushrooms in broth
Savory cheese tart

Sugared Almonds
Candied Fennel and/or Anise seeds
Compost of Pears