There is a heraldic and livery procession of palio horses.


Palio horses can be sponsored by a barony, canton, shire, household, or guild.   The procession of palio horses and their supporters will be per the schedule.  The procession willl be judged on heraldic display (including banners, hand-carried flags, barding, and heraldic livery).  Show your support for your horse by participating with your group.

All the Pretty Horses

This competition is to determine the best palio horse.


Dirty Dozen Largesse

It's a trip around the Medieval World!

Artisans, bring something that would have been presented as gifts to Their Majesties from your homeland. Their Majesties cannot wait to see what beautiful treasures you will bring. Each artisan will submit 13 items (see below).

The winner will be awarded one item from each entry along with an additional prize from Their Majesties. The rest of the items will be donated as Largesse to Their Majesties so that other gentles will be gifted wonderful treasures.

Judging: Most creative use of blue and white integrated into the design and authenticity as to the persona of the person making the submission. Documentation: The story of the persona of the artisan, limited to one page or less.

Embellished Headwear

This competition has two categories:

1) Unstructured.  This includes veils and headwraps.

2) Structured.  This includes hats and hennins.

St. Anne's Garb Runway Challenege

The St. Anne's Guild of Clothiers is again sponsoring The Garb Runway Challenge at Kingdom 12th Night on January 13, 2018 in the Barony of Marinus. Contestants interested in the challenge can sign up at the A&S table.

To enter, each contestant must present themselves in the outfit or have a model outfitted in their entry. Documentation is encouraged, but not necessary. All that is required is a full frontal photo of the outfit and a short description. Contestants or their models will then display their fabulous garb creations as they walk the runway for the judges and the populace as the description is read. Judges will then question each contestant to ask about details of the garment. The winner will be announced in evening court.

Royal Bard Competition

The competition will be comprised of three rounds.

The guidelines for the competition are as follows:

The first and second round should focus on performance of pieces in different modes: if a story is performed in the first round, the bard should perform a song, instrumental piece, poem, etc. for the second round. One of the pieces performed in the first two rounds must be period, documentation should be provided. Extra consideration shall be given to bards who perform original compositions in addition to the period piece.

Those bards who are selected for the final round shall perform for Their Majesties and the populace during feast. The only rule for this round is for the bard to perform to their strengths.

Questions concerning the competition, appropriate pieces, etc., may be directed to Lady Harper An Cu royalbard [AT]

Clerk Signet Scroll Blank

There will be a scribal competition sponsored by the Clerk Signet and the KMoAS. Best Use of Their Majesties Whims on a Scroll Blank!

The entered scroll blanks should not include calligraphy (that will be added as they are used) and are considered donations to the Office of the Clerk Signet for use for Royal Courts. Here are the guidelines:

1) Please view the Royal Whims to see a current list of the likes and dislikes of King Amos and Queen Kara.

2) Entries must be on pergamenta-quality paper or higher. Because these are to be used for a Royal Court, this is a non-negotiable requirement. If you need a sheet of pergamenta, please contact the Clerk Signet, Lady Aemilia Rosa at and an 8'x10' sheet will be mailed to you.

3) Judging will be based on the current Kingdom-level judging criteria for illumination and also on the creativity of the theme while keeping with a medieval appearance.

4) The badge heraldry for any Atlantian award may be used or you may leave a shield or roundel for the inclusion of a badge when the scroll is being awarded. Please review the Scribal Handbook for guidelines if you include the heraldry of an award.

There will be two individual winners: 1 for experienced scribes (2+ years) and 1 for novices (under 2 years).

There will also be a winning Barony or Scriptorium! The Barony or Scriptorium who has the most individuals who enter will win a prize from Seigneur Etienne Le Mons d'Anjou. Each individual only counts once no matter how many scrolls they enter. Please help support the Kingdom through art!