imagesThe year is 1454, and Mehmed II, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Conqueror of Constantinople, and Emperor of Rome, has sent his swiftest and surest messengers across the land to summon all peoples of all faiths to return to their most regal and elegant capital city, to put aside all past differences and cares, to embrace one another freely as equal friends and countrymen, and to celebrate the diverse and joyous holidays of our many ancient faiths together at the dawning of the new year.

Please join us in the Barony of Storvik (Washington, DC) on January 11 as we recreate the magnificence and splendor of the Ottoman Court to celebrate Atlantian Twelfth Night, an evening filled with games, music, and a sumptuous Ottoman feast. Come for the revelry and the dancing, behold the wonders of our finest Artists and Scientists as they compete with their greatest works, explore our rich shared history through the persona pentathlon, and cheer on the entrants in our Ottoman-themed competition. It will be a night to remember!